Wednesday, December 31


Pulau Panjang, Kep. Seribu, November 2014

You might have read my 2014 resolution recap here. If you are wondering why I have recapped my resolution on July, the only answer because it was (partially) fulfilled. I thank God for His blessings for what I've achieved.

The sad thing is… I didn't achieve anything anymore after that. I didn't get the rest what I wished for 2014. But that's alright.

But, I had so many great times throughout the year.. I've been traveling (in group) to Kepulauan Seribu, which was fun and gave me so many lessons. And in 19 December I've gone to Balikpapan with my mom, which was her first flight ever. I even could see spark in her eyes (even though she was thrilled while the plane took off the ground xD)

My relationship is somehow fiery this year… So many ups and downs. But now I'm not into it. I don't want to talk about it right now.

My job is…. static at the end of the year. Oh my God. I know there's something wrong with me and all the jobdesc (that I had to carry by myself). But I really wish that I could make it great in 2015. I'm so friggin tired of being left behind.

In 2015, please God, let me BE the leader of my own. Let everybody knows my name without having me introducing myself.

Once again, another great year has passed. I'm so ready for 2015.
But first, let me make (an appropriate & well-prepared) new year's resolution.


Saturday, November 8

Let's Tidy Up Our Eyebrows!

People (especially girls) asked me a lot of questions about "where did you got your eyebrow embroidered?" and my answer was always simple: no, it was not embroidered. I only use eyebrow pencil instead.

In fact, I don't have a good shape of eyebrows and it's pretty sparse. I've been struggling with making good eyebrows and I didn't go expert in one night. I've been experimenting about 5 years now, and I've received so many critics especially from my mom. One day I made my eyebrow bolder than the other because I was in rush, and my mom said, "look at your eyebrows! it's bigger than the other." thaaaaat is of course every girl's nightmare. lol

Wednesday, July 30

Isn't Really My Thing, But Now I'm Committed to It

Yes, sport.

I started exercising regularly since two months ago, the reason is not because of a growing trend today: all about gym and fitness things, including Muay Thai, Yoga, TRX, etc. which is you can see, it's now a lifestyle, after fixed-gear bike and running. You'll realize if you are Indonesian, we are very talkative people when some western stuffs branched out then we will follow BUT in relatively long time (telat gaul). Bahahaha!

I feel sorry for myself that I just realized that exercising is an important part of life, especially if you're working. Energy can be discharged in the workplace, including your brain. The brain constantly forced to work, resulting your body would feel so tired easily. That's why we always run out of energy for a brand new day (and we rather choose to sleep during holiday).

Saturday, July 19

What's ON: WishList Updates (YAY)!

I've told you about my most wanted stuffs for 2014 in my previous post. So here's the updates:
Well. It turned out that OPPO FIND 5 is already discontinued when I finally decided to buy it. The money was prepared for it, of course. But I didn't really feel bad because I've found a better one: Oppo R1. It's cheaper than Oppo Find 5 (about 1 million rupiah), but it has more advance techs than the Find 5.
It has 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera but that's not all. This phone's camera is working perfect in the dark. What! Yeah, overall I'm in love with R1. But I heard it's already discontinued, too (damn, OPPO really strict in making new products for every few months. It will not produce the same model anymore after few months.)
Some other strengths are: it's already built up with Gorilla Glass III, in which you don't have to put on the screen guard (hell yeah I really need that one), and it's freaking solid! the materials was no joke, I mean it has metallic linings around it, and glass material at the back, fucking rocks. It really fits me, 'cause everybody knows I'm really clumsy (well it has been proven that I'm THAT clumsy, yesterday when I was in the gym I dropped my phone when doing treadmill. Damn! But thank God it's still perfectly fine. *long exhale* )

So here's the pic if you'd like to know:

Photo taken from

Truly sorry I can't give you the actual photo (of mine), 'cause I don't have any other camera device to capture. HAHA. Ok, movin on.

Saturday, May 17

Kit Harington Through My Hand

I'm trying to draw on Adobe Photoshop, in which I could say, way more difficult than Adobe Illustrator. And this time, I don't do tracing like my other previous personal projects. I'm a bit proud, 'cause the tiring 5 hours was finally nailed it (eventhough not perfect, as you can see).

So here is the thing about Kit Harington. Before Game of Thrones I really don't know who he is. His cast as Jon Snow the Bastard really moved me. Handsome, of course. But he's doing a good job in that TV series.

You in a Mixtape [May Mixtape by Rissa Stellar]

This is my first time creating a mixtape for somebody. I mean, I've never done anything to anybody through music anyway. I was always lost in words, but music is pretty good in delivering message.

My feeling right now is not good, so I pick (sad) tracks mostly, not because I refuse to be better, but sad songs always had 'something powerful'. I also added Trentemøller, one of my favorite electronic musician, The Best Pessimist, and some shit you don't want to listen to it anymore ('cause it's everywhere, for god's sake!)

So here what I made today:

Click the image to get you to my 8track's mixtape.

Here is the song list (if you don't want to listen all of it):
  1. It Will Rain - Boyce Avenue (Bruno Mars Cover)
  2. Close To You - The Carpenters
  3. On Our Way - The Royal Concept
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Norah Jones (Elvis Presley cover)
  5. You and Me Song - The Wannadies
  6. Lost At Sea - Dave Thomas Jr.
  7. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
  8. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
  9. How Deep is Your Love - The Bird and the Bee (Bee Gees Cover)
  10. You (re-recorded) - The Best Pessimist
  11. Sparks - Coldplay
  12. I Heard Love is Blind - Amy Winehouse
  13. I Need You (from Divergent OST) - M83
  14. Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright
  15. Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine
  16. Come Home - One Republic feat. Sara Bareilles
  17. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
  18. Long Distance - Bruno Mars
  19. Better Together - Jack Johnson
  20. I Will Wait for You - Nathan Thomas (Us cover)
  21. Make You Feel My Love - Adele
  22. If I'm Gonna Fall in Love - A Rocket to the Moon
  23. Beach - Trentemøller (Mew Remixed)
  24. Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  25. Mi Ancla - Mindy Gledhill
  26. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  27. Running - No Doubt
so there's that. My own May serenity. Hope you like it, too.

In Love with Digital Drawing

Still raw. Need to learn more....

Wednesday, January 29

Officially a Panda

I took this photo this afternoon. Look at those eyebags...
and few pimples on my face.
Oh maybe you won't see the pimples. Pardon my laptop cam.

Wasting Time, Right Now.

Hello Blogger.
So we'll be over January, and what saddened me: I only wrote three blogposts this month.
There are so many things on my mind, and I really wanted to write. Even a single draft. Tapi kok kayaknya setiap ada waktu buat nulis, aku pasti ketiduran.

Jadi bulan Januari adalah bulan dimana aku ngerasa antara bener-bener semangat sama bener-bener jenuh. (Lho kok bisa? Bukannya 2014 baru mulai?) Gak aneh kalau ada pertanyaan kayak gitu. But... really I am that bored with stuffs -- almost everything. It's like you wake up in the morning and what you feel is, "Oh okay. Here we go again." Orang sepertiku gak bisa settled sama keadaan. Selalu ingin yang baru. Jadi mungkin perasaan bosan terhadap semua hal ini memang berawal dari rutinitas yang begitu-begitu saja.

Sibuk, kok. My entire January was so obviously hectic.
Ceritanya awal Januari aku bikin konsep baru untuk insompanda, and thank God semua rencanaku berjalan luar biasa suksesnya. I even can tripled the profit, from insompanda itself. Di manajerial insompanda yang baru, aku punya seorang asisten desainer juga. So it was really a good start in 2014.
Di sisi lain, sebagai seorang guru Bahasa Inggris aku juga sibuk di sekolah. Even I'm not that busy as compared to other teachers at school. Enam bulan yang lalu aku memutuskan untuk mengisi Selasa, Rabu, dan Kamis dengan jadwal sebagai tenaga pengajar honorer di sebuah SMA negeri di Sukabumi. Dan semester ini, aku resmi menjadi pengurus English Club di SMA tersebut dan ikut memberikan pemantapan bagi siswa kelas XII untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional.

And you know what? I feel okay with the schedules, from both Insompanda and teaching activity. I feel okay but I am extremely bored. Padahal Januari baru aja mulai. Padahal masih banyak orang yang mengeluh gak punya kerjaan. Dan padahal padahal lainnya.

Really somebody, suggest something relieving!


Saturday, January 4

2014 Resolution (OMG!)

So, we are moving on. New year, new challenge. Ain't it? 

Let's put aside every negative thoughts about 'new year resolution' and 'how we do forget it easily'.. If you are accustomed to always have negative thoughts so you will always see good things as bad things. Because I don't want to be easily driven by destructive thoughts so there'll be no shit taken.

So, 2013 was a great year for me. Greatest so far..
Cross-country vacation (Thailand), the super-hectic freelance job as a designer, and also my first experience as an English teacher. There was also sad moments, made me feel so empty like I lost my beloved granny, my younger sister for the first time living away from home, and of course the ups and downs in my love life.. There are so many interesting experiences in 2013, but I'm not gonna tell you one by one, 'cause I know you'll feel envy. lol, kidding.

My 2013 resolution had been fulfilled in June, 2013. After that I was trying to make some new wish list and start all over again.

So, let's get over 2013. Here's my 2014 resolution list, I may edit this post as addition I make but NOT I won't change what has been written here. That's a commitment. lol.

New Blog Interface -- Welcome!

My new face digital drawing for my own blog. What do you think?