Wednesday, July 30

Isn't Really My Thing, But Now I'm Committed to It

Yes, sport.

I started exercising regularly since two months ago, the reason is not because of a growing trend today: all about gym and fitness things, including Muay Thai, Yoga, TRX, etc. which is you can see, it's now a lifestyle, after fixed-gear bike and running. You'll realize if you are Indonesian, we are very talkative people when some western stuffs branched out then we will follow BUT in relatively long time (telat gaul). Bahahaha!

I feel sorry for myself that I just realized that exercising is an important part of life, especially if you're working. Energy can be discharged in the workplace, including your brain. The brain constantly forced to work, resulting your body would feel so tired easily. That's why we always run out of energy for a brand new day (and we rather choose to sleep during holiday).


At the beginning of the year, I have a long-term plan that involves sports, where I've started to regularly go to the gym every day of the week, and also buy shoes to fit such activities. As I told you in my previous post that my boyfriend bought me New Balance shoes that I really like (to the extent, I would wear it if I am out of the house like everyday. lol). And thank him, that until this moment he always gives me full support to exercising.

So you know, my current weight is 74 kilograms (about 163 pounds), which appears increases significantly from three years ago. In 200-2012, my weight ranges between 58-62, and my normal weight is 55-58. With a height of 173cm, I felt enough with 58-62, but not today's. Gained 16kg is really making my life not healthy. I could get sick easily, being superweak, and also easily hooked up to bed. HAH. 

So about two weeks ago I decided to buy myself a pair of sport shoes. While searching on internet, I was in love with Nike Roshe Run FB in current blue, hot lime and chrome nike logo. Super cool.

I finally bought it, and here's the pic of the shoes:

I'm sorry for the bad light, it was in the middle of the night anyway.

Well. It's very light in use. I don't even wear socks while doing treadmill, 'cause it has anti-slip rubber insole in which really comfortable for running.  On the night after I bought this, I was in front of computer when suddenly my brain whispered, "go check out Adidas Online Store!"

Voila! I went surfing on adidas online store (which is based in Singapore), and finally saw a very good price for Adidas ZX series. ARGH, I wish I wasn't a girl. Sooooo.. I bought one more shoes (sigh):

I'm in love with the colors, and it seems very comfortable to wear. I am not a huge fans of sneakers but I do really love wearing sneakers, I am also not a collector of specific brands, I only wear it if it's comfy. So then I bought this shoes, which has to do with my CC. It was imported from Singapore, and it took 5 working days to finally arrive.
Here's the pic of my ZX 700w Leopard:


Soooooo one of 2014 wishlist has been checked again. If you guys have time reading this post, please pray for me for my healthy life program. Thanks for reading! :)

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