Tuesday, July 24

Get Kaleidoscope eyes through Movies

It's impossible to catch up stories in a single shot. You could never be somebody else, so you would never know what people thought... and felt. That's why I love movies. In fact, I could be someone else and getting into her or his life. I don't have to do anything but to feel what he or she feels. And it pulls me in.

Like a kaleidoscope eyes, you can see everything in one single view. That's quite amusing and suddenly you'd feel like god in your own world. You know what will happen next by pressing fast forward button, or stop watching at all.

I loved to be in such amazing story of a movie, imagining that I could be that bad, that generous, that simply, in love with the wrong guy. Through movies, you can be something that you never be, or be something that is already you. That's how movie works, anyway. Moving in or out the watchers, drawing in or out their feelings, and in the end, it gives a whole damn brand new story in their lives.