Saturday, November 8

Let's Tidy Up Our Eyebrows!

People (especially girls) asked me a lot of questions about "where did you got your eyebrow embroidered?" and my answer was always simple: no, it was not embroidered. I only use eyebrow pencil instead.

In fact, I don't have a good shape of eyebrows and it's pretty sparse. I've been struggling with making good eyebrows and I didn't go expert in one night. I've been experimenting about 5 years now, and I've received so many critics especially from my mom. One day I made my eyebrow bolder than the other because I was in rush, and my mom said, "look at your eyebrows! it's bigger than the other." thaaaaat is of course every girl's nightmare. lol

But thank God, I've never made that kinda sharpie eyebrows.

So, girls. Let's start with the guns.

I am using these two Etude House's products:
- Drawing Eye Brow Shade: Dark Brown (about Rp. 60.000 / USD5), and
- Color My Brows Shade: Red Brown (about Rp. 80.000 / USD7).

Because I have reddish hair so these shades are the closest shades to my hair.
Important thing to remember: always choose the closest shade (colors) of eyebrow pencil to your hair color. You don't want to get those 'fake' eyebrows do you?
Take a look at the swatch:
The mix of red and brown color that appears on Color My Brows 'Red Brown' is perfect for me.

Before you draw your eyebrows, let's take a look at this pic:

First of all, you have to specify your eyebrow arcs first and do as I do in the picture: the outer corner of your desired eyebrows should must align with the outer corner of the nose lobe. The highest peak of your desired eyebrows must align with the inner corner of the nose lobe. The inner corner of your desired eyebrows must align with also, the inner corner of the nose lobe. That's the fundamental of making precise eyebrows and it has to have good proposition, right? 

Here's the front view of the lines:

 So far so good?

You can see that in the picture I have bolder eyebrows, right? of course you can customize the shape to be whatever you wanted but please remember this:
the thickness of the eyebrows have to adjust to the shape of the eyes and your face. If you have round and large eyes, the thick eyebrows will make your eyes look more powerful. More pointy eyes will look good with straight, not too high eyebrows. Of course we have to do this with calculation: not to make it too pointy, thick, or worst, a hell of sharpie. And it will back to your intuition of course. You'll find the best shape of your eyebrows if you keep practicing, promise. :)
My case is: I have cat-like round eyes and round face shape. So, as long as I feel comfy and others see it good, I am good with this kind of eyebrows.

If you have messy eyebrows, shapeless, maybe you'll consider using eyebrows trimmer (it's a tool which you can trim your own eyebrows to get the desired shape), if you don't want to do it or you are unsure you can do it, maybe you can use eyebrows plucker tool, it's easier and tidier, but it has its price, it's more hurt. Haha.. Anyway, many girls who are not comfortable in plucking or trimming their eyebrows, or other reasons. You can just cover the eyebrows with concealer or adding eye primer and cover it with nude eyeshadow throughout the outer line of your desired eyebrows shape. Of course it has moreeeee time to give to make it perfectly covered but once again I promise you, you'll get it as what you wanted if you keep practicing.

Soooo.. last, maybe you asked me how I apply the two tools. Ready?

Well, I use Drawing Eye Brows as the liner. Yes you have to make it from the scratch. In making good eyebrows, you have to draw outer lines of the eyebrows (right after you decided what shape of your eyebrows will be) and fill it with eyebrows brush. Lucky me, Drawing Eye Brows from Etude has two tips, and the 'pencil' itself and an eyebrow brush. At this point, yay you finally done!

But… If you want more lasting color, you may add the Color My Brows liquid at the top of it. In my case, because drawing my brow doesn't have the shade I wanted, so I added Color My Brows to add brown-reddish color on my eyebrows (just to fit with my hair color). Well if you don't want to, or if you already get the matching pencil shade with your hair, so you don't have to do this. :)

So, that's the quick and simple tutorial to tidy up your messy eyebrows. I say it's simple because there's a lot more complicated way in doing this, for special occasions only. Remember girls, don't overdo anything. The simpler the make up you wear, the more natural makeup you'll get.

Thank you for reading, really hope you'll give me links to see how you tidy up your eyebrows! *cheers*

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