Monday, August 22

Disamping Mengupil, Jari Saya (Ternyata) Bisa Juga Menggambar!

Hobi saya mengupil pakai jempol. Menurut orang sih aneh, tapi saya malah jadi merasa bangga karenanya. Oh, saya pikir, ternyata cuma saya yang hobi mengupil pakai jempol. Disamping mengupil, ternyata saya punya satu hal lain yang bisa saya lakukan dengan tangan saya: menggambar. Dan saat ini, menggambar kembali ‘in’ di dalam kehidupan sok ‘nyeni’ saya, setelah begitu lama terlupakan.

Jujur saja, saya gak terlalu suka menggambar. Saya bisa menggambar atau membuat sketsa-sketsa kasar, namun saya sudah lama memilih untuk menuliskan segala macam hal yang sedang saya pikirkan, dibandingkan mengekspresikannya dalam bentuk gambar. Alasannya sih sederhana, saya lebih suka bermain dengan kata-kata, karena saya pikir bahasa bisa menumbuhkan imajinasi yang berbeda di pemikiran setiap orang.

Tapi, saya kadang merasa bahwa menulis saja gak cukup. Ada saat-saat dimana saya hendak menuliskan sesuatu, namun terlalu kompleks untuk diekspresikan dalam bentuk tulisan. Maka dari itulah, saya mengekspresikannya lewat gambar. Gambar-gambar saya bisa berbentuk apa saja, mulai dari gambar abstrak hingga realis.

Saya gak pernah merasa kalau hasil sketsa atau gambar yang saya hasilkan itu bagus, malah saya merasa kalau gambar-gambar saya masih terlalu kaku dan kasar. Tapi saya gak peduli dengan pendapat orang mengenai gambar-gambar saya, karena sampai saat ini saya menikmati setiap goresan pensil atau pena yang saya coretkan diatas kertas. Saya selalu merasa puas pada hasilnya, karena itu selalu bisa mewakili apa yang sedang saya lihat, rasakan, atau pikirkan kala itu.

Sekitar sebulan yang lalu Bobby menghadiahi (padahal saya sedang tidak berulang tahun) satu sketchbook ukuran A5 yang menurut saya, it’s too much for a beginner like me. Tapi Bobby terus-menerus mendorong saya untuk tetap menggambar, dan dia berkata kalau saya tidak perlu mengkhawatirkan hasil gambar saya sendiri. Dia pun beberapa kali mengatakan bahwa hasil gambar saya bagus sekali, but I think my drawings are not that ‘wow’, compared to his beautiful drawings (Bobby is a great drawer!). Berkat dukungan Bobby, dan sketchbook yang terlanjur ia beri pada saya, maka saya mau gak mau harus gambar lebih banyak lagi dari sebelumnya. Hahaha..

Tuesday, August 16

Go Sober, Make A Change!

Sometimes we misjudged of something or someone. Or worse, we misjudged of what we feel. Do you feel that you outrunning something to the wrong place but you pretending that are all okay? Let ‘em out of those current places, throw it up, scatter it off, and make it random! What you are supposed to do is making another infringement. Does the sick modernity successfully turn you into puppet? Who control your world? Ignorance? 

 Do random things toward random circumstances. The misjudgment is just like your panic attack. In the next moment you’ll sober and start to think what’s wrong and right. People do silly things, that’s why we have two hemispheres of brain, right and left, yeah, and two sides of behaviors, angelic and satanic! Am I right?
What I am going to say is about switching. You did something harmful and you enjoyed it. You did something good but you regretted it. Such circumstances you’ve been gotten in had turned you into something false. And all you do will always fake!

Project "X": Skull's Creation

Hooooola! We meet again! Yeah finally we made a progress towards our project-X that has been told before, you can check the tags, and click ‘project X’ if you haven’t read it.

Before I tell you about our progress, I want to introduce you the materials we use in this project. They’re quite simple and easy to find, and also affordable.
First, the most essential thing is WIRE. Bendable one!

Second, of course YARN. It is made of NYLON and POLYESTER. So sturdy!

Third, PLIERS. It is used to cut and bend the wire.

Fourth, CIGARETTE LIGHTER. It is used to burn the ends of bound yarns, to make it sturdier.

Fifth, of course SCISSORS. It is of course, to cut the yarn.

Sixth, ummmm.. I’m not going to tell you now. It’s just like surprise. It is used to cover this ‘thing’, to make it more ‘human’! :D
And there will be addition for materials that will be used, wait for that, will you?
And then…
On early days (we called it as #day4 and #day5), we finally made its skull! Thanks universe for making it smooth.
Bobby made it so detail! I mean, he already thought about how it lips’ curve, nose’s shape, cheek’s hollow, and everything! Can you imagine how you think about something complex before you get sleep? Yes, Bobby done it and proposed it to me on the later days.
I don’t know how to explain, but our baby boy now a bit has its shape. It’s likely as a man’s body and face, minus flesh and NAME. We haven’t found it yet, for universe’s sake. It’s always be something stressful but someday we know we’ll find out! :)
I don’t want to talk too much. You can see the result right on below.

  We do binding the yarns in every spots and intersections as usual; in day 4 and day 5 we were better in doing this. Haha!
  •   In day 4, this is how the skull looks like. It already shaped. Rawwwwrr!
  •   And this is me! I tried to measure the brain pan’s curve. Yes, smile first! xD
  • Bobby is showing his work.
  • Bobby is denting the the wire.

 Voila!!! The result of day 5, this is it! (Farah Quinn’s voice)
KISS!!! :* :* :* 
AAAAAAA~ We just can’t wait for the next day to create its arms and fingers! Totally can’t wait but we have to wait (unfortunately), because I have to go back to Sukabumi. Mommy will miss you, my (unnamed) baby boy! *smooch*

Thursday, August 11

Which One is Real?

related to my previous post ( this one ), I just want to ask your opinion about these two different pics.
do you think that they're similar person?

Human Change, Alien Invade

Once when I was a silly kid I was mocked up by people around me. It was just because my bald-head. Maybe they thought that I ailed some incurable and horrible diseases. But folks, I didn’t even care. And few days ago I cut my hair, and I feel satisfied with my present outlook. I didn’t say that I don’t gratify my former look but sometimes I get bored with my life very often. As I said, people change themselves, and an alien like me transforms regularly.
Before I got my hair cut, I transformed myself so many times. In other words, I am going into the melting pot. I do feel comfy with everything I wear; I do feel contented when I make up my face, but alteration is just like a common theme for me. I’m craving for something superb to happen in my life, and I guess others too. The difference is the changes I take were (maybe) pretty different with others.
I enjoyed being dandy girl. Sometimes I brushed my cheek with blush-on, added lipstick into my lips, twisted eyeliner and mascara, and I used eye-shadow occasionally. Who the fuck will care? I loved to make trials and I did it for myself. But, that was all I did. In daily life, I make myself comfortable with tees and jeans. That’s what I love to be: a simple girl.

Tuesday, August 9

Project "X": An Unnamed Man

Hi! Such a long time I don’t get in here. I’ve been busy with all the things related to fund-raising, something that we have to concern, something that can buy anything, something to keep me alive: money money money! X)
I’m troubled, anyway. I mean, job-seeking is just like a routine for me nowadays. Mom and Dad asked me to live there, in my hometown, but I refused. The only reason is, of course, dream-chasing activity that finally appeared slide by slide into my face. Get what I mean? After having final paper examination, I realized that I am one step closer to my dehumanization. I do anything I loved, secret passion, top secret expectation, and all of lovely artistic works I’ve been thinking of.
Refusing Mom and Dad was not as easy as you think. I hate being a rebel kid, because it will never smoother my way. My life was so rough, and it will be rougher. But, I love my mom and dad. And I’ll do anything to make them proud of me, whatever it takes.
Then, ‘that’ day finally came. Time to make Mom and Dad proud, I guess. Me with Bobby decided to make something outstanding. Something great. Something big. Something different. Something that can hurt your eyes. :D Then, finally we came up with a decision that we’re going to make a statue.
At first, Bobby suggested that we will make tiny statues, in which cute-adorable statues were not so difficult to make. But then I raised my hand to him, and propose something: “This is our first start. So why won’t we make something unforgettable like… a whacky monstrous statue?” Then Bobby responded me positively. He said that it will be our most wicked masterpiece ever! \(~----~)/
After having such excited but wearisome conversation, we started the project as fastest you never imagined. I told Bobby how ‘it’ should be, and he sketched ‘it’ for me. On my mind, ‘that thing’ has to be so human in size, and yet in shape. Here are the features:
  • The project of making this statue is about three months.
  • ‘That thing’ will be made half-body. We’ll only make the statue from head to belly.
  • The size of ‘that thing’ will be identical to real human body.
  • We have decided that ‘that thing’ will be a man. It’s pretty complicated to make, but imagining woman’s body will be more complicated!
  • It will be made from two kinds of substances: yarn and wire.

Getting excited? Or confused? Please tell me that you feel both! xD
I think there’s something bewildered your mind: why do we use yarn and wire? Uh-oh, that will be surprise for you! But, I will show you how we string up the wires to create human’s skeleton such as ribs, spine, and skull. It’s sooooo time-consuming, but I never get bored! Every time we connect the wire is exciting!
By the time I write this blog-post, it’s already three days since we started this project. We have rapid progress. Now, its body is cuddlesome and dashing and muscular and oh-so-sexy! Hahaha.. Okay, I know I am exaggerated. But I do hug ‘it’ repeatedly.
Oh yes, he doesn’t have a name yet. :( That’s frustrating because me and Bobby wanted everything goes perfect, including its name. Until now, we are working on ‘this thing’ and also thinking about a name that suitable for it. Hope we’re going to find it soon. Can’t wait little longer to call its name! x)