Saturday, January 5

As Usual, Year's Changing.

Darn! It's 2013 already. I missed so many shots last year... Yes, I had goals to achieve but when it comes to missing shots, I just know that it's much more regrettable. you had been given so much opportunities but you were not able to make it. *Sigh*

Anyhoo, 2013's new year's eve went not special, as usual. I never had those unforgettable new year's eve in my entire life and I don't even want to have it.


In 2013 I have my own secret wish.. to be better (ah look how cheesy it is). But, now I really mean it. You'll see.. I'll go back to my hometown after I thought about it every night, to see things differently (also, beautifully), to get things right, to make myself happy, to get to the place where I should really be (I mean, future).

So, it pops out of my head. I'll never make any new year's resolution list anymore. I'll do the list every month. Things I have to achieve and things I have to change. Positive point about this is I can re-evaluate what goes wrong in the previous month. Regret is unprofessional, pretending to forget is way more unprofessional.

So, here it goes. In 2013, I'll post 12 monthly projects of mine. Starting from now, January 2013.

What about you?