Thursday, September 27

Tiger Strikes!

After Ireng died (formerly adopted black kitten), my little sister Rifnida adopted a kitten again then later she named her: Tiger Misune. Hell I don't know what it means, but she's very cute.... but also passionately, ill-mannered. She loved to sleep in my boobs or my belly or whatever in body, she thinks it's very puffy. If I get off her, she would sleep beside me. And she loves to bite my fingers! Beware!

Happy Your Day, Dear You!

Rayn got his 24th birthday at September 26, 2012. I was so much effortless to make him a Birthday Party. The problem was, I'm run out the debt. Hahaha.. But thank God, with all that you called as "power of love", his Birthday Party was unexpectedly succeeded!!!

Rayn has ever said to me that he really didn't have much time just to hang out with his friends. All I know, Rayn is such a workaholic-23 years old guy who deserves his fun quality time with his friends. As I believe, he feels that way too. So much pressures on his head to carry, and never been gotten into some-serious and extravagant fun-times!

I realized that I was his only friend to talk to, and he spent his time for me too much. That was not pathetically said, 'cause I know Rayn has so many friends but the only person he could meet is me (you know that me and him has business to run together).

So yesterday, I finally gathered them in one place, in his favorite place to spend the night doing his work, and his favorite friends that he'd like to meet and talk. I was so obviously and tremendously happy to see him smile, as you know that he extremely had no time to share the laughter like that.

Rayn and his friends.

Monday, September 24

Vespa is Vespa

I used to know Vespa since I was a little kid. I used to hate it too, but daddy loved it so much. He said, "So, what will you do if I don't use Vespa to get you to school?" I was, obviously hated its smoke and the engine's noise.
But then I realize, there was something beautiful about Vespa. Vespa has beautiful shape and it's unbeatable. I'd rather ride Vespa than any other 'expensive' motorcycle. Today Rayn brought me Vespa leaflet. And that was a bit hurt. Huhuhu...

Vespa LX 125 / 150ie with seven colour options:
Monte Bianco, Giallo Lime, Avorio Naiade, Midnight Blue, Tuscany Brown, Nero Volcano, Rosso Dragon.
LX 125: Rp. 24.000.000,-
LX 150ie: Rp. 26.000.000,-

Vespa GTS 250ie with two colour options: 
Bronzo Perseo & Nero Volcano
Rp. 69.900.000,-

Vespa PX 150 with two colour options:
Midnight Blue & Rosso Dragon
Rp. 59.900.000,-

Vespa S 150ie with four colour options:
Nero Vulcano, Orage, Rosso Dragon, Monte Bianco.
Rp. 27.500.000,-

Yes folks, Vespa is that lots of money! I wish someday I could afford one. I am in love with this:

Vespa GTS 250ie Bronzo Perseo!

My friend once said, "Vespa is Vespa. Vespa is not a motorcycle."
 Okay, I get it now.

Sunday, September 23

Just Sylvia Plath

She's just so OSOM! I loved her poems and the way she interprets anything. She's just (once again), OSOOOOM! 

Thursday, September 20

Wishlist 2012 #2: M.A.C Wonder Woman Edition

Only thing I can say:


These stuffs really drove me crazy! I am in love with the red and blue colour elements, just like that famous Wonder Woman. Thank you M.A.C for inventing these but... I still can not afford them! :'(

So, it went to my 2012's Make Up Wishlist. I hope I can buy the mascara and the lipstick!

Now this fabulous set is available online!
Check it out at MAC Official Website

Wednesday, September 19