Saturday, July 19

What's ON: WishList Updates (YAY)!

I've told you about my most wanted stuffs for 2014 in my previous post. So here's the updates:
Well. It turned out that OPPO FIND 5 is already discontinued when I finally decided to buy it. The money was prepared for it, of course. But I didn't really feel bad because I've found a better one: Oppo R1. It's cheaper than Oppo Find 5 (about 1 million rupiah), but it has more advance techs than the Find 5.
It has 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera but that's not all. This phone's camera is working perfect in the dark. What! Yeah, overall I'm in love with R1. But I heard it's already discontinued, too (damn, OPPO really strict in making new products for every few months. It will not produce the same model anymore after few months.)
Some other strengths are: it's already built up with Gorilla Glass III, in which you don't have to put on the screen guard (hell yeah I really need that one), and it's freaking solid! the materials was no joke, I mean it has metallic linings around it, and glass material at the back, fucking rocks. It really fits me, 'cause everybody knows I'm really clumsy (well it has been proven that I'm THAT clumsy, yesterday when I was in the gym I dropped my phone when doing treadmill. Damn! But thank God it's still perfectly fine. *long exhale* )

So here's the pic if you'd like to know:

Photo taken from

Truly sorry I can't give you the actual photo (of mine), 'cause I don't have any other camera device to capture. HAHA. Ok, movin on.
  • DVD RW, Internal Harddisk 2 TB, and VGA 1 GB
Okay so..... I was planning on buying any digital devices that could support my work. Unfortunately, I FORGOT that I have to buy DVD RW and the VGA but, but I did buy the Harddisk (Internal Harddisk and also, External Harddisk). How cool is that? I bought WD WD my Passport Ultra 1TB for the External HDD and 1 TB for the Internal, yayness! But of course, it didn't really affect my computer's performance remembering I had to attach VGA and (the new DVD RW). :(

Other surprise: I bought Samsung DVD player to cure my movie addiction about three months ago. :)
  • Singapore, once again.
Well! Haha.. I loved it when it comes to traveling. Yes, I finally went to Singapore again! On March, I went there again with Ray for four days. It was real nice. I mean, it was not the first time we went there so we were easy. We went to Orchard Rd. to do a little shopping (I bought some Sephoras and other stuffs), we went to Bugis and Chinatown (again) to buy some souvenirs, we watched Mosaic Music Festival eventhough we missed Olafur Arnalds and Caspian (alas!), we chilled at a Geylang outdoor bar and drank beer (heaven!), and IKEA! Hmmm.. Who doesn't love IKEA?!
Unfortunately, the weather was not so good. It's almost raining everyday (turned out I'm getting sick after went home *sigh). But overall, this vacation is really worth every pennies! I enjoyed the time there, and still planning to go there again soon. Hahahaha..
  • Reduce the toxin
I joined a fitness club in Sukabumi. For ONE YEAR, I'm committed to do workout. It's not cheap, it almost made me penniless but YES it's worth it. I spent 4,5 million rupiahs for this shit. But in every relationship, I always the 'committed' one, so I'm doing it happily. It's already a month I go to the gym, almost everyday, even my body is not used to exercising again, but I always try to get used to. 
I'm joining Yoga class, Spinning, Aero Combat, and also weightlifting ('cause I really wanted to bring my sexy back! *dang!*)
  • Buying Sport Shoes
Uh, nope..... I forgot about it too. :D But my lovely kind boyfriend bought me a pair of New Balance shoes and I think that counts. Hohoho..
  • Open the Stores at Etsy, Bigcartel, and Society6
Not yet. :( I'm still struggling with new office thing so.... let's movin on.
  • Vinyls?
Already forgot about that!
  • Digital Camera (and yes of course with the Tripod)
Nope, my money is spent on new office (what new office?) okay, let's movin on again to the next point.
  • 4/4 Black Fiber Violin by Thomann
Sadly, I stopped playing violin. My teacher was so busy so I couldn't even bother his time. But one day I'll play it again. :)
  • Office for the Jobs
Soooooooooooo.. finally we are coming to the most expensive, essential, and also my biggest wishlist I ever wanted. I finally rent a house (a nice, two floors house with three and a half room) in Sarijadi, Bandung. It's newly renovated, has a spacious garage (for motorcycles), and also, a very good surrounding. YEAH! As you know, renting a house in Bandung was not an easy task. We did the magic that the house should be turned out to be a very homey and nice workspaces. Why we? 'Cause I rented it with Ray and our friend Dhani (he's a talented manual and digital illustrator from Bandung). We did joint venture to rent the house. It's almost a month since we sign the contract with the landlady, and the progress we made is quite good. I'm spending much money for my workspace, and I feel good. Eventhough it's still empty but what kind of struggle that doesn't need time? Hehehe.. Yes I'll work harder to make my dream come true.
Just to feed your curiosity, here's my new office building (haha!):
my office room is on the left side, second floor. :")
My room (still empty), but I'm working on it.
My room again (different angle)

I loved the size (it's not very big), I love the paint colour, I love how the sunlight strikes through it, I love everything about this room.

Sooooo, that's the update of my wishlist. As you can see, I still have so many homeworks (I even wanted to add some more). I want to thank my parents who are now supporting me with the job I chose. Without their support, I'm just a tiny person who admires the sky. Now, I'm a little bit flying, reaching it. Good nite fellas!

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