Wednesday, July 30

Isn't Really My Thing, But Now I'm Committed to It

Yes, sport.

I started exercising regularly since two months ago, the reason is not because of a growing trend today: all about gym and fitness things, including Muay Thai, Yoga, TRX, etc. which is you can see, it's now a lifestyle, after fixed-gear bike and running. You'll realize if you are Indonesian, we are very talkative people when some western stuffs branched out then we will follow BUT in relatively long time (telat gaul). Bahahaha!

I feel sorry for myself that I just realized that exercising is an important part of life, especially if you're working. Energy can be discharged in the workplace, including your brain. The brain constantly forced to work, resulting your body would feel so tired easily. That's why we always run out of energy for a brand new day (and we rather choose to sleep during holiday).

Saturday, July 19

What's ON: WishList Updates (YAY)!

I've told you about my most wanted stuffs for 2014 in my previous post. So here's the updates:
Well. It turned out that OPPO FIND 5 is already discontinued when I finally decided to buy it. The money was prepared for it, of course. But I didn't really feel bad because I've found a better one: Oppo R1. It's cheaper than Oppo Find 5 (about 1 million rupiah), but it has more advance techs than the Find 5.
It has 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera but that's not all. This phone's camera is working perfect in the dark. What! Yeah, overall I'm in love with R1. But I heard it's already discontinued, too (damn, OPPO really strict in making new products for every few months. It will not produce the same model anymore after few months.)
Some other strengths are: it's already built up with Gorilla Glass III, in which you don't have to put on the screen guard (hell yeah I really need that one), and it's freaking solid! the materials was no joke, I mean it has metallic linings around it, and glass material at the back, fucking rocks. It really fits me, 'cause everybody knows I'm really clumsy (well it has been proven that I'm THAT clumsy, yesterday when I was in the gym I dropped my phone when doing treadmill. Damn! But thank God it's still perfectly fine. *long exhale* )

So here's the pic if you'd like to know:

Photo taken from

Truly sorry I can't give you the actual photo (of mine), 'cause I don't have any other camera device to capture. HAHA. Ok, movin on.