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2014 Resolution (OMG!)

So, we are moving on. New year, new challenge. Ain't it? 

Let's put aside every negative thoughts about 'new year resolution' and 'how we do forget it easily'.. If you are accustomed to always have negative thoughts so you will always see good things as bad things. Because I don't want to be easily driven by destructive thoughts so there'll be no shit taken.

So, 2013 was a great year for me. Greatest so far..
Cross-country vacation (Thailand), the super-hectic freelance job as a designer, and also my first experience as an English teacher. There was also sad moments, made me feel so empty like I lost my beloved granny, my younger sister for the first time living away from home, and of course the ups and downs in my love life.. There are so many interesting experiences in 2013, but I'm not gonna tell you one by one, 'cause I know you'll feel envy. lol, kidding.

My 2013 resolution had been fulfilled in June, 2013. After that I was trying to make some new wish list and start all over again.

So, let's get over 2013. Here's my 2014 resolution list, I may edit this post as addition I make but NOT I won't change what has been written here. That's a commitment. lol.

In 2013 I had a wish to buy some stuffs like Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch and also Macbook Air, and I finally got them, but in September I tried to make a new list: buying presents for mom and dad, Rifki and Rifnida, and also Ray. I didn't achieve that, unfortunately. So I'll put it again in my 2014 resolution list.

  • The Enchanting Oppo Find 5

Gosh! This stuff is nearly killing me. It costs about Rp. 5.699.900,- (December 2013). I had to think twice to buy this Oppo Find 5, but I am so much stunned by it. Maybe you'd ask me why on Earth I don't buy iPhone instead of this China-manufactured android Phone?
I'll tell you what. In my own opinion, iPhone doesn't that 'seductive'. Although iPhone is manufactured by Apple (which is we know, this company has great credibility in manufacturing hi-tech gadgets and stuff) and also the popularity that is (we also know) very high on most people in the world, I still can't get what's better than this Oppo Find 5. Moreover, I have a little research about this powerful phone, of course for amateurs you can jump to GSMarena specification for Oppo Find 5 here.

I give you screenshots to make sure that this phone is more powerful than any other phones (mostly). The comparison is presented by Versus.

 Oppo Find 5 compared to Apple iPhone 4S. 
The Oppo Find 5 surpasses 15 points above Apple iPhone 4S. Note that the points are based on votes, comparisons, and also reviews conducted by the users.

Oppo Find 5 compared to Apple iPhone 5. 
The Oppo Find 5 surpasses 5 points above Apple iPhone 4S. Of course iPhone 5 is more pricey about Rp. 3 Million than Oppo Find 5. Think smart.

Well this one is my favorite. Oppo Find 5 compared to Samsung Galaxy S3.
How about that?

So it is clear that my decision to 'chase' Oppo Find 5 is based on 'little research' that I stated before, not because I wanted to be different from others. If you want to find some popular stuffs, then the iPhone is your answer. Because I am not at all tempted by the popular iPhone, so I chose Oppo because of its quality. Bang!

But the problem is… I am not owning it. Haha! So, 2014! I'm gonna get Oppo Find 5 soon. Hopefully, in February 2014. ;)

  • DVD RW, Internal Harddisk 2 TB, and VGA 1 GB
After bought a widescreen 23" LED monitor for my computer last year, I have another problem that is actually my problem since the third year of college: low-space internal hard drive and VGA. Also, this year I also want to buy DVD RW. The reason is simple, I want to do every projects flawlessly. I mean, my current hard disk is only 160GB which is already full, so I have to buy these stuffs ASAP.

  • Digital Camera (and yes of course with the Tripod)
Decision isn't made yet. What kind of camera and how much the price is still far beyond my brain. I know it won't be THAT cheap and I know that I have to working on it. 

  • 4/4 Black Fiber Violin by Thomann
Well firstly I was so in love with Thomann 4/4 Skull Catacomb but alas it's not available anymore (even in Thomann's official website!). But, I have this second choice, Black Fiber also manufactured by Thomann. My violin teacher said that the sound of Thomann's violin is quite good for the beginner like me. Actually I don't like natural-color violin so he suggests me to buy this violin.

Such a beauté!

Now I'm cursing on how expensive the currency is. As I write this blogpost, the currency rate between GBP to IDR is about Rp. 20.000,- (Oh God). The price stated on the Thomann's GB official site is: GBP 120 or Rp. 2,5 Million. The shipping rate and custom duty is not included yet. God! Can you imagine how much money I could spend for this violin? :')

And this is the other things I'd like to achieve in 2014:
  • Singapore, once again.
Oh you don't have any idea how much I miss Singapore. I love the thrill, the chill, and the beer. I hope this year I'll be back to Singapore again. :)
  • Mastering French and Norwegian. 
I only know basic french in which I studied in SHS, so this year I want to achieve at least intermediate. Norwegian is all new to me, so I'm going to study it from the very basic, with the help of textbooks, dictionary, and of course Rosetta Stone. :')
  • Reduce the toxin
When I say the 'toxin', it means I want to quit smoking. I really do, btw. So this year I have to buy vaporizer, which is way healthier (but not purely healthy). I try to buy this vaporizer in February. so wish me luck!
  • Again, reduce the toxin -- and other bad habits
I am planning to have regular workout in the gym two or three times a week.
  • Buying Sport Shoes
In which, I don't decide what to buy yet. I am thinking that I'm going to buy Nike shoes but I don't know what type to buy (it's because they are all good).
  • Open the Stores at Etsy, Bigcartel, and Society6
Oh yeah baby you know I'm serious about this. I'm working on digital drawing right now and I am decided to sell it at those three stores.
  • Vinyls?
I had a plan with a friend of mine who is residing in UK, and we have talked about selling authentic vinyl imported right from the UK. We don't get time to make more conversation about this, but I know this kind of business will grow easily in Indonesia (which is the country of hipsters-wannabe. AHA!)

  • Office for the Jobs

So maybe this is the biggest hope I'd be happy to talk about. I want to make Insompanda doesn't only have virtual office but also the real one. I am genuinely thinking about the 'future' of this business and I believe it won't fade away. Now I am currently working on hiring new freelancers to help me out in the business.

If I say the 'Jobs' it means that I will run two different studios this year. The first maybe you already knew, Insompanda. And the second one is some kind of Branding and Advertising agency that is going to be (formally) established in April. The second studio is the result of some kind of twisting blabbering that turned out into real wishes of me, Ray, and our friends Cumi (Rizky), and Fusuy. So please pray us the best!

Maybe later I'll tell you about this studio. ;)
  • Presents
I'm planning on giving my closest persons a present (that maybe they won't forget it like forever). I don't know what it is, but I'll figure it out.

Aaaand that's a wrap!
I don't know if I'm going to add some more, but I think I'll be more focus on what has been written here.

Ah, I don't write any new countries yet. I am still confuse if I'll have one big budget vacation again or not. :(

Bismillah, God be with me.

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