Wednesday, December 31


Pulau Panjang, Kep. Seribu, November 2014

You might have read my 2014 resolution recap here. If you are wondering why I have recapped my resolution on July, the only answer because it was (partially) fulfilled. I thank God for His blessings for what I've achieved.

The sad thing is… I didn't achieve anything anymore after that. I didn't get the rest what I wished for 2014. But that's alright.

But, I had so many great times throughout the year.. I've been traveling (in group) to Kepulauan Seribu, which was fun and gave me so many lessons. And in 19 December I've gone to Balikpapan with my mom, which was her first flight ever. I even could see spark in her eyes (even though she was thrilled while the plane took off the ground xD)

My relationship is somehow fiery this year… So many ups and downs. But now I'm not into it. I don't want to talk about it right now.

My job is…. static at the end of the year. Oh my God. I know there's something wrong with me and all the jobdesc (that I had to carry by myself). But I really wish that I could make it great in 2015. I'm so friggin tired of being left behind.

In 2015, please God, let me BE the leader of my own. Let everybody knows my name without having me introducing myself.

Once again, another great year has passed. I'm so ready for 2015.
But first, let me make (an appropriate & well-prepared) new year's resolution.


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