Thursday, April 4

100 of You: Prologue

Long time I didn't post anything in here. Been a while since I was really-really busy with works I have to deal with... but trust me, this business led me to somewhere I am so much adore.. to something I really want to know.

Well, since I've succeeded re-decor this blog myself, I'm starting to fall in love with design. I know it's early but I know what I felt. Kekekekeke.. I am a rookie in design, and I just go with the flow takes me.

What's this post about?
You know I'm hopelessly romantic beetch. HA! I don't want to say it but DANG! I really am. *sigh*
This post (and the next 99) is presented to someone who teaches me patiently how to design.

Yes, you're right! *pretend that you're guessin*

He's my boyfriend Rayn (that I've dated since almost 18 months ago).

So, the posts are functioned as my thank to him, for what he did. I mean... dating him is just like I'm unable to sleep because of ton of ideas. Dating him, is just miraculously widen my insights about estranged world. And I'm happy for that! *hula dancing*

I've made special label for this project, so you can track it IF you want, here:

Alrighty then, thank you for reading!
Excuse this what-the-hell project, because I'm hopelessly romantic!

*sigh again*