Thursday, November 14



Where should I begin?
It started in one lovely moment when I was in the second grade of elementary school. I was such a cute, fat-but not that fat, and happy girl. I was happy 'cause the moment I remember is when I ran around the school yard with my friends, playing cat and mouse. I was in the perfect white and red uniform with white socks tucked in clean shoes. I ran around and laughed till at the same day I had the biggest question ever that I asked God until now: why?

I don't understand why God creates us a whole package of life but we only could remember some happenings that occurred in our life? I mean.. I remember bad things too much -- it doesn't mean that I don't remember any good moments to remember, but I always remember the moments that I would know I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

And every time I remember how everything turned out into gray, I couldn't help myself. I was hurt. And, still.


It was actually year 1994.
I was only 5 years old when my parents sent me into elementary school. My kindergarten headmaster said to my mom,
"Ma'am, she's almost good at everything. Reading, writing, maths, drawing, even controlling herself."
What she said was the first good thing I've ever heard.
But then I hoped that she would swallow back her words and let me stay for one more year spending my childhood as a kindergarten student. I didn't mind being wrong all the time, if she thought that I was always right. I didn't mind being alone for one year straight as it always be without my mom inside the class, helping me with my drawing or maths.

Well you know, I was almost alone.
I had friends, of course. Boys, girls, but I forgot who they were. Except a boy who lived near my kindergarten. He was my best friend, but I forgot his name. I don't care about his name.

Then as it should be, I started elementary school when I was five.

It only took five years of my life for tragedy to arrive. He later knocked on my door and brought the most evil smile.

Here I tell you:
I didn't hate myself. I didn't hate people around me. I just hate how the situation turned out to be. And no one to blame, 'cause everyone is innocent. It happened as it should be and I opened myself up and agreed.

But some spot that was left behind will always be remembered. It bothered me and it will always. I couldn't clean it. I could see it but I couldn't touch it.

So if you ask me to go time travel, what is the time it should be? It's 1994. It was everything had started and ended.


I'm trying to face it.


words in red: Details in the Fabrics by Jason Mraz. I'm drowning in my tears every time I listen to the song.

Tuesday, July 30

Thank God for the Gifts!

Early June I was so thrrrrrilled because I finally bought this babe: Macbook Air.
This will accompany my former designing stuff: Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch that I bought at early year.

Well, I thank God for these 2013 gift. I am grateful, really.

These two were #1 listed on my 2013 wishlist. And I fulfilled the wishlist at June.
Again, I thank God for the Gifts!

Hello, Again!

Hello. Hell-O. (Oh what a hipster!)

The Greatest Teacher of All

Well, there is.

Have you ever heard an English proverb about life that says, "Experience is a great teacher."? Well, that somehow happens to all of us. Like we're sailing all over the world and we see this and that, amazing scenic surroundings, bad places (bad when our eyes see it bad), and everything. Life is just a matter anyway. But we all do have 'life' in common. We experience things and we learn. We may cry but we learn.

And sometimes, lesson doesn't come with happiness -- I mean pretty most of it. When we all thank God for happiness He gives, we forget somehow -- in other way -- we get into some state of sadness (no matter how hard we try not to).

I always feel sad, not because I am a person who easily sad, but things like that seems worth it to me because of my human nature.

Well in that sadness, a lot of things I realized, turn into a lesson. And all this time, that kind of self-therapy was succeeded. Or possibly, one day, recur. Who knows?

From sadness we learn to know ourselves. To try better; not because we wanted like hell to be accepted by others but as therapy for ourselves to evoke our self-esteem.

Do you believe that?
I do.

Thursday, April 4

100 of You: Prologue

Long time I didn't post anything in here. Been a while since I was really-really busy with works I have to deal with... but trust me, this business led me to somewhere I am so much adore.. to something I really want to know.

Well, since I've succeeded re-decor this blog myself, I'm starting to fall in love with design. I know it's early but I know what I felt. Kekekekeke.. I am a rookie in design, and I just go with the flow takes me.

What's this post about?
You know I'm hopelessly romantic beetch. HA! I don't want to say it but DANG! I really am. *sigh*
This post (and the next 99) is presented to someone who teaches me patiently how to design.

Yes, you're right! *pretend that you're guessin*

He's my boyfriend Rayn (that I've dated since almost 18 months ago).

So, the posts are functioned as my thank to him, for what he did. I mean... dating him is just like I'm unable to sleep because of ton of ideas. Dating him, is just miraculously widen my insights about estranged world. And I'm happy for that! *hula dancing*

I've made special label for this project, so you can track it IF you want, here:

Alrighty then, thank you for reading!
Excuse this what-the-hell project, because I'm hopelessly romantic!

*sigh again*

Saturday, January 5

As Usual, Year's Changing.

Darn! It's 2013 already. I missed so many shots last year... Yes, I had goals to achieve but when it comes to missing shots, I just know that it's much more regrettable. you had been given so much opportunities but you were not able to make it. *Sigh*

Anyhoo, 2013's new year's eve went not special, as usual. I never had those unforgettable new year's eve in my entire life and I don't even want to have it.


In 2013 I have my own secret wish.. to be better (ah look how cheesy it is). But, now I really mean it. You'll see.. I'll go back to my hometown after I thought about it every night, to see things differently (also, beautifully), to get things right, to make myself happy, to get to the place where I should really be (I mean, future).

So, it pops out of my head. I'll never make any new year's resolution list anymore. I'll do the list every month. Things I have to achieve and things I have to change. Positive point about this is I can re-evaluate what goes wrong in the previous month. Regret is unprofessional, pretending to forget is way more unprofessional.

So, here it goes. In 2013, I'll post 12 monthly projects of mine. Starting from now, January 2013.

What about you?