Tuesday, September 27

My Hair Time to Time

Transition, not Distortion.

I am transisted, not distorted.

I specialize my blog post this time for my narcissistic style (for a while), if one of you feel curious of how my face (or my hair, in particular) used to be.

I love to be creative with my hair, not because my hair is nice but because I easily get bored with my hair style.

Once upon a time, I was really bored with my hair. I just asked myself, "do I really feel comfortable with my hair like this?" The question arose because of one reason: I always feel inconvenience when I have to specify my hair should be, parsed or tied. : P

Another reason is because my hair had started to branch off, caused by the effects of hair coloring that went untreated. My hair was starting to look ridiculous, with the end of the hair was golden while the base of it was black.

Then ... I decided to cut my hair, very short. I estimated between 7-10cm my hair had been cut off. I really regretted it ... But, I totally felt very light. I began to like my short hair.

Since I was child, I've used with short hair, cropped up, but my long hair at that time was the longest my hair throughout my life.

Until this moment, my hair is difficult to elongate. But I promised myself to lengthen my hair reaches up under the back, no bangs.

if I were a celebrity, I want my hair like ...

 Alanis Morissette.

 Vanessa Hudgens

Mila Kunis.

==== o.O.o ====

My Hair Time to Time
(it is important, note it.)

This photo was taken about 4 to 5 years ago, I used to curl my hair and that was it. :D

This foto was taken months before I finally decided to cut my hair short. You can see how messy my hair was. But I used to love that kind of style. :D


This photo was taken on the night of Kickfest 2009, on December. I cut my hair one day before that venue, and I loved to see how my hair like that, because at that time, I started to love British Skinhead too. xD

 Me at Dunia Fantasi, the longest hair I've ever had. :)

Before I cut my hair to be short, I was three times tidying my hair style. And the photo above was my third time doing that. I still was not satisfied with the results of my haircut, so ...

Finallyyyyyy I cut my hair! xD

And now, I thought my age was affecting my hair style as well. hahaha .. 

It was so oooohhh~ some! I feel so cool having this kind of hair style. Now I keep it up and I crop it regularly.

You may say I'm crazy, but I love doing crazy things. hahaha..

I began eliminating the pony and more convenient to parse my hair and let it messy, like this:

or like this:

Whatever my hair style is, I just loved it. I have no rules when combing it. But to keep it healthy, I always do hair-masking or creambathing (D.I.Y). So, how are your hair? Do you love it too?


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