Tuesday, August 9

Project "X": An Unnamed Man

Hi! Such a long time I don’t get in here. I’ve been busy with all the things related to fund-raising, something that we have to concern, something that can buy anything, something to keep me alive: money money money! X)
I’m troubled, anyway. I mean, job-seeking is just like a routine for me nowadays. Mom and Dad asked me to live there, in my hometown, but I refused. The only reason is, of course, dream-chasing activity that finally appeared slide by slide into my face. Get what I mean? After having final paper examination, I realized that I am one step closer to my dehumanization. I do anything I loved, secret passion, top secret expectation, and all of lovely artistic works I’ve been thinking of.
Refusing Mom and Dad was not as easy as you think. I hate being a rebel kid, because it will never smoother my way. My life was so rough, and it will be rougher. But, I love my mom and dad. And I’ll do anything to make them proud of me, whatever it takes.
Then, ‘that’ day finally came. Time to make Mom and Dad proud, I guess. Me with Bobby decided to make something outstanding. Something great. Something big. Something different. Something that can hurt your eyes. :D Then, finally we came up with a decision that we’re going to make a statue.
At first, Bobby suggested that we will make tiny statues, in which cute-adorable statues were not so difficult to make. But then I raised my hand to him, and propose something: “This is our first start. So why won’t we make something unforgettable like… a whacky monstrous statue?” Then Bobby responded me positively. He said that it will be our most wicked masterpiece ever! \(~----~)/
After having such excited but wearisome conversation, we started the project as fastest you never imagined. I told Bobby how ‘it’ should be, and he sketched ‘it’ for me. On my mind, ‘that thing’ has to be so human in size, and yet in shape. Here are the features:
  • The project of making this statue is about three months.
  • ‘That thing’ will be made half-body. We’ll only make the statue from head to belly.
  • The size of ‘that thing’ will be identical to real human body.
  • We have decided that ‘that thing’ will be a man. It’s pretty complicated to make, but imagining woman’s body will be more complicated!
  • It will be made from two kinds of substances: yarn and wire.

Getting excited? Or confused? Please tell me that you feel both! xD
I think there’s something bewildered your mind: why do we use yarn and wire? Uh-oh, that will be surprise for you! But, I will show you how we string up the wires to create human’s skeleton such as ribs, spine, and skull. It’s sooooo time-consuming, but I never get bored! Every time we connect the wire is exciting!
By the time I write this blog-post, it’s already three days since we started this project. We have rapid progress. Now, its body is cuddlesome and dashing and muscular and oh-so-sexy! Hahaha.. Okay, I know I am exaggerated. But I do hug ‘it’ repeatedly.
Oh yes, he doesn’t have a name yet. :( That’s frustrating because me and Bobby wanted everything goes perfect, including its name. Until now, we are working on ‘this thing’ and also thinking about a name that suitable for it. Hope we’re going to find it soon. Can’t wait little longer to call its name! x)

Here are some of its pictures:

Bobby sketched what’s on my mind, and yes he did it perfectly. :)

All knots we made. Because we bind it carefully, they are all tight! We spent five to ten minutes for every knot. What a wow. 

This is how we bind every angle of wire together. Wearisome, of course. But it’s pretty fun.

Voila! The torso has been made in day-3. Complex, eh? Yes, it is. It’s looked messy but I assure you, it’s extremely sturdy, if you don’t press it so hard. Remember, I hug it very often. Don’t you fucking dare to break it! Haha!

In the next day (counted as the 4th day), we will make its skull. I really not feel like to think about how complex it will be, because yes it is! But whatever complex it is, it must be done. It’s our first masterpiece and it will be something awesome, because we, the makers, are awesome too. I never doubted that. LOL
Feeling anxious? Take a sit back and relaxxx. Just let us do the rest. \(~_^)/
See you on the next progress, readers! I’m full of excitement! Yeah, what a day! :)

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