Tuesday, August 16

Project "X": Skull's Creation

Hooooola! We meet again! Yeah finally we made a progress towards our project-X that has been told before, you can check the tags, and click ‘project X’ if you haven’t read it.

Before I tell you about our progress, I want to introduce you the materials we use in this project. They’re quite simple and easy to find, and also affordable.
First, the most essential thing is WIRE. Bendable one!

Second, of course YARN. It is made of NYLON and POLYESTER. So sturdy!

Third, PLIERS. It is used to cut and bend the wire.

Fourth, CIGARETTE LIGHTER. It is used to burn the ends of bound yarns, to make it sturdier.

Fifth, of course SCISSORS. It is of course, to cut the yarn.

Sixth, ummmm.. I’m not going to tell you now. It’s just like surprise. It is used to cover this ‘thing’, to make it more ‘human’! :D
And there will be addition for materials that will be used, wait for that, will you?
And then…
On early days (we called it as #day4 and #day5), we finally made its skull! Thanks universe for making it smooth.
Bobby made it so detail! I mean, he already thought about how it lips’ curve, nose’s shape, cheek’s hollow, and everything! Can you imagine how you think about something complex before you get sleep? Yes, Bobby done it and proposed it to me on the later days.
I don’t know how to explain, but our baby boy now a bit has its shape. It’s likely as a man’s body and face, minus flesh and NAME. We haven’t found it yet, for universe’s sake. It’s always be something stressful but someday we know we’ll find out! :)
I don’t want to talk too much. You can see the result right on below.

  We do binding the yarns in every spots and intersections as usual; in day 4 and day 5 we were better in doing this. Haha!
  •   In day 4, this is how the skull looks like. It already shaped. Rawwwwrr!
  •   And this is me! I tried to measure the brain pan’s curve. Yes, smile first! xD
  • Bobby is showing his work.
  • Bobby is denting the the wire.

 Voila!!! The result of day 5, this is it! (Farah Quinn’s voice)
KISS!!! :* :* :* 
AAAAAAA~ We just can’t wait for the next day to create its arms and fingers! Totally can’t wait but we have to wait (unfortunately), because I have to go back to Sukabumi. Mommy will miss you, my (unnamed) baby boy! *smooch*

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