Thursday, August 11

Human Change, Alien Invade

Once when I was a silly kid I was mocked up by people around me. It was just because my bald-head. Maybe they thought that I ailed some incurable and horrible diseases. But folks, I didn’t even care. And few days ago I cut my hair, and I feel satisfied with my present outlook. I didn’t say that I don’t gratify my former look but sometimes I get bored with my life very often. As I said, people change themselves, and an alien like me transforms regularly.
Before I got my hair cut, I transformed myself so many times. In other words, I am going into the melting pot. I do feel comfy with everything I wear; I do feel contented when I make up my face, but alteration is just like a common theme for me. I’m craving for something superb to happen in my life, and I guess others too. The difference is the changes I take were (maybe) pretty different with others.
I enjoyed being dandy girl. Sometimes I brushed my cheek with blush-on, added lipstick into my lips, twisted eyeliner and mascara, and I used eye-shadow occasionally. Who the fuck will care? I loved to make trials and I did it for myself. But, that was all I did. In daily life, I make myself comfortable with tees and jeans. That’s what I love to be: a simple girl.

One thing you should know: a person’s outlook will never show her inner beauty. Maybe a little bit of it. But fuck the society’s idea of beauty, because it’s all got in mainstream side anyway. Nowadays, people see a girl with long hair, skinny body, and fair skin as ‘pretty girl’. A girl naked is sexy. A girl well-embellished look is lovely. Then I think that the theory of the natural beauty already flew away.
Let’s take a look at something more essential. How money and richness can buy those perfect body. Seemed that the magnificence of ‘true love’ had been degraded! (Please don’t feel offended, whoever you are, I’m just trying to tell you the truth.)
Being an alien like me is not as easy as you think. You know, every time you look around, you will see something that can make you stay outside the ‘line’. I don’t wear branded stuff, I don’t eat something expensive, and I don’t spend my time in bedazzling places. But, there are lotta things outside that ‘line’ you’d love to get. You just can’t see them because it hid somewhere far away behind those creepy capitalism tools.
Personally, I made these statements not for selling myself. I mean, if you think that I am better than some mannequin girls that all got dolled up, you’re absolutely wrong. Although sometimes I ever feel uncomfortable with myself, I don’t take any ‘side-stream’ matters as problems. Being different is sexy, and the idea of simple beauty will always be something fabulous for me. So don’t make any unnecessary changes if it doesn’t fit you. And start to live your life as natural as it should be, make it more like you not more like ‘them’. Be wise, girls. Universe blesses you!

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