Sunday, July 3


What is the practical definition of commitment exactly? How is the form of it? And who runs it? These questions sometimes come up in my mind, because in a significant moment or two every day of my life, I face the condition where commitment could be a symbol of agreement. Do you feel it?

Engaging me with a commitment is just like designing law. We are supposed to make the best condition with constraints and rules. And it has to be made by crucial processes and of course, properly constructed. The end product of it is reciprocality and synergy. The characteristic itself is inflexible because it is not able to be changed and no motivation of exception allowed.

Yes, making commitment is not always have to have somebody else. Commit with yourself, for example. The theory I have postulated before can be applied in yourself, of course. The most important thing in committing yourself is self-actualization. It means that everything you attached in yourself, that are anything you have to obey. In this case, your frame of mind has the most powerful role. And ah! your tenacious pretension too.
Yes, making commitment is not as easy as I postulated in here. 

I don’t tell you about something related to love relationship. I, write in here, just want to tell you about something wider than that tiny cogitation. It is all about battlefield. I mean yes, we are all fighting in our own battlefield. I just want to make myself sure that I am that deep in committing myself to myself. Because in my own war, I have to fight myself first before fighting others. I am lack of self-motivation; I am spoiled by anything easy. 

Don’t you think that making commitment to yourself is not as easy as being a missionary in virtue? I am not a missionary, and I am not deal with something rely on any psychological courses. I don’t get any benefit in writing this, but someday I re-read it again, I will begin to think that I am that bright. I mean, I am this good in theory. But then I am defeated by my own selfishness. So theory will only be theory. It soon will fade away.
Back to the topic, I am designing my own commitment. With myself. I don’t really like it but I have to be obedient. For my own good. This is not a selfish thought (I think), because I am tired of being a liar. I lie too much to myself and I want to stop that. It is not necessary to tell you what it is. You better start bonding yourself to your own commitment too. A great start has to have a great end, right? :)

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