Friday, October 5

Sigur Ros SG 2012: Finally We Bought the Tickets!

Hello, October the 6th! It was all heavy rain through the days of early October. Finally we taste the smell of petrichor again, after we had enough dust and sweat. 

About Sigur Ros concert in Fort Canning Park Singapore, few weeks ago I told Rayn that I couldn't make it. Rayn maybe has an extra savings for this but I don't. I think that now I don't have job and I could easily bankrupt with all those spendings. :(

But in the end, with a little courage and bravery, we finally bought the tickets. Two concert tickets and two round-trip flight tickets. It means that... we should gain extra money to think about how we could live there. Phew...

I sometimes agree with Rayn's statement that we should be more cocky to get ourselves more productive. At least, we do know how the commitment works. We say it, we make it. And we will be like that all over again, pretending that we're all okay to make us okay. That is what we called it: self-motivation.

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