Thursday, October 18

The Body Shop: Bag for Life 'Cool Britannia'

Two days ago I got a day of quality time with myself. Went to Bandung Indah Plaza just to meet some strangers and smile (Rayn told me that I have to have this kinda activities more, if you are now questioning why, read my previous blog post). After bought some snacks at Hypermart, I also went to the Body Shop Indonesia at the ground floor. The waiters there are super-friendly. I asked too many questions to prevent cosmetics' incompatibility with my face, but they answered me nicely. 

Things you must know, I don't really like hanging out shopping stuffs. But for these passionately make-ups and other beauty products, I do spend my money quite... like a lot.

Then I saw this lovely tote bag in there. It was made from 100% organically-grown cotton. It was on the hot-list of so many the Body Shop's customers (maybe because it's 'union-jacked') LOL. 


 This is my bag. I actually added round-studs on the bag straps. Quite different but absolutely rocks!

But for me, apart from the print, what so special in the tote bag was because it was all produced in India. You can see the description below.

Well, the Body Shop must have one good marketing strategy with bringing this idea. But it is not bad for us just to help the poor getting their rights, right? Now, let's take pray for all children in India (and of course, Indonesia). :)

it matched with my purse's colors.

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