Tuesday, October 9

All Beyond Me

Sometimes I think about a place that is only me who resides. Sometimes I think about how to make a little runaway to a strange town or village, without me taking any gadgets or... problems. Those occasional thinking pops up from my head when I feel so damn tired of everything I do. I mean, that's such a simple feeling of any human, isn't it? Trying so hard to think that everything's gonna be okay with spreading smiles and doing other things. For some people it might work. For the rest, it might be just a motivational quotes posted in an emo tumblr blog.

I had some serious problems about jerking myself to people I love. I mean, I get mad easily, I throw bad words easily, or maybe hurt them seriously. Every time I talk to myself that I am not that evil, at that time I feel myself hurt. It's like I should throw away something but I can't or I don't want to. 

So you heard, I need some serious runaways to get me off of hurting people.

Please forgive me if I (ever) do anything that hurt you so much. That's all beyond me.

I think that village in Norway is good. :)

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