Saturday, January 8

Midnight Snacks!

these are my daily snacks, bought from Borma Setiabudhi, a supermarket near my dorm. Actually I don't really like eating snacks, but in the moment like this, I think I'll need extra energy supplies for accompanying me  through night. x)

okay, here we go.
  1. Good Time Cheese Cookies
  2. Silver Queen Chunky Bar
  3. Fried Spicy Fetuccini.
  4. Lucky stick capuccino flavored.
  5. Pocky stick coated with strawberry flake.
  6. Glico Chilli Pretz.
  7. Richips (potato snack)
  8. two packs of cigarettes (are these snacks?)
  9. Gorengaaaann.. xD
Now you know what's inside my belly tonight. Later I won't post about this again, in case of what your mind thinking about my weight. No, I won't answer it. LOL

P.S: I am nocturnal. :)

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