Sunday, January 30


Last night I attended an event, named RADIOHEADisME at ENVY Club, Asia Afrika Bandung. this event was created by Indonesian Radiohead Fans (Bandung). Yes it was a tribute small performance for Radiohead. I didn't feel so sure at first, because the early bands performed a little bit boring. But time ate my words, I feel enjoyed the music brought, especially when Ansaphone, The Panic, C-cord, and Jreng! performed. Gosh I feel in love with how they brought their music, covering some Radiohead songs, and yes! as usual, I always in love with the drum play. LOL

We had a total amazing night, we sang songs together and we almost overheated by the temperature in there! haha..

I use "#1" because I hope that won't be the only tribute for Radiohead.. and after all, i just wish that Radiohead will come over soon to Indonesia, before I die!

guess which one is me! hahaha..

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