Thursday, December 9

Contemplation: One Step Further From The Prosaic, Customary Life

"To Believe is seeing all revealed and unrevealed scenes through your vision, mind, and heart." Rissa

Today I tweet alot about freedom, death, love, and anything that seems so crucially laid on people's mind. Okay maybe I am too pleonastic about all of that, but you know why I should expose this? Our people seems too pushed themselves to live in a fake world, made invisible boundaries around them and pretended that they happy..

Provoking myself to realize that I have my own life, and I should have my own provisions to carry, I'd like to see myself jump out of the bush, or cage, or anything, and see the world out there. Yeah maybe the world I'll see is not as good as when you look from the inside of your cage, but having insight through what you see, cannot satisfy you as well as you experience all of it.

By the time I learned about life, and keep learning about life, till now I can't find these answers:

  • Why do we have to live our life is all that we can see is about money and title?
Are they the real stuffs that can gratify human being? Because to me, being happy and hitting the spot is all about to feel myself freed. You can't compare how much your money with how many adventures you've been gotten in. Hell no. What will you do with umm.. for example, Rp.1.000.000,-? How do you spend it? Life will more interesting if you are penniless. If you have nothing, you can do anything, so you can get everything!

If you keep thinking about I am talking about nonsense, so get the hell out of my page and don't get back. I am not lecturing you. I'm just SAYING. If you don't think so, let's keep reading.

  • How do you say "BEAUTY"?
I bet you'll say "CANTIK", in translation to Bahasa Indonesia. Yeah, me too. But more essential to what has been translated, can you get the point before I tell you? If no, listen carefully. The real beauty is not according to what we wear, what we do to our body, to our face, to our details. No, it's not about chemical make-up stuffs. BeauIty is what appear from inside, brighter yourself with your morality, attitude, behavior, and for God's sake, your cleverness! It will be sprouted out through your outter body.

If you are a good-looking guy and a real hot chick, what did you get from all of it? From the name that's been given to you, from the appearance that indirectly implied on people's mind when they see you? Answer me.

I never feel that way. I have never feel that i'm beautiful -in cover.
I've never do anything to my body, in case of emergency, maybe sometimes. 

People like me, never wanted people to see what's on me but what's inside me. What I do, not what I have.
People like me, never sing the same song, because every song they listened is "all me".
People like me, never trying to make others satisfy. Every individual already know how to make themselves satisfy.
People like me, never wanted to stay inside a cage. They might miss anything they gonna leave but they never break their promise to get free.

Balancing life is how you get rid yourself to the quiet water. You try to find how you settle the wave and get yourself balanced.
That's the real life, the adventure. remember this: when you walk on the path, everything seems clear. Try to step aside, see all the things you never see, and get a story.

Rissa Ramadhani Fauzia, August 17th, 2010. 17:39 PM.
I present this note for those who believe to what they feel about world, not only see.

This blog post was taken from my facebook note:

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