Thursday, April 15

The Therapist

Patiently, dear…

I’ll send you to meet ground
as drug you’ll be bound!
Just because I insisted profound,
as the result of the plenty wounds!

    Take this clumsy pill.
    You’ll find out me.
    I’ll be here and stay still.
    I’ll happily see.
Baby I know this is going to be hard,
As hard as I aware, My Goodness, I go this far!

the lethal passion,
the bitterness of rejection,
    the senseless of affection,
    that’s all my total destruction!

Dear, teach me how to make you feel this,
the very appealing feeling of the very tragic epic.

Winter has turned you out into the most nasty Yeti I’ve ever saw!
You became the worst nightmare of mine,
You resurrected into the ugly version of Efron, ever!

Yes, you are that bad.
Really bad.

now, darling!
choose this one.
a shotgun,
a glass of poisonous wine,
or a meter of line?

    I’ll be here standing, right next to you
    Don’t be afraid of the last moment of you
    Smile, the doom now is not that far
    I won’t let you die with any scar

This thirstiness,
this hopelessness,
will be ended soon,
as you pass by and say the last goodbye.

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