Monday, September 24

Vespa is Vespa

I used to know Vespa since I was a little kid. I used to hate it too, but daddy loved it so much. He said, "So, what will you do if I don't use Vespa to get you to school?" I was, obviously hated its smoke and the engine's noise.
But then I realize, there was something beautiful about Vespa. Vespa has beautiful shape and it's unbeatable. I'd rather ride Vespa than any other 'expensive' motorcycle. Today Rayn brought me Vespa leaflet. And that was a bit hurt. Huhuhu...

Vespa LX 125 / 150ie with seven colour options:
Monte Bianco, Giallo Lime, Avorio Naiade, Midnight Blue, Tuscany Brown, Nero Volcano, Rosso Dragon.
LX 125: Rp. 24.000.000,-
LX 150ie: Rp. 26.000.000,-

Vespa GTS 250ie with two colour options: 
Bronzo Perseo & Nero Volcano
Rp. 69.900.000,-

Vespa PX 150 with two colour options:
Midnight Blue & Rosso Dragon
Rp. 59.900.000,-

Vespa S 150ie with four colour options:
Nero Vulcano, Orage, Rosso Dragon, Monte Bianco.
Rp. 27.500.000,-

Yes folks, Vespa is that lots of money! I wish someday I could afford one. I am in love with this:

Vespa GTS 250ie Bronzo Perseo!

My friend once said, "Vespa is Vespa. Vespa is not a motorcycle."
 Okay, I get it now.

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