Thursday, September 27

Happy Your Day, Dear You!

Rayn got his 24th birthday at September 26, 2012. I was so much effortless to make him a Birthday Party. The problem was, I'm run out the debt. Hahaha.. But thank God, with all that you called as "power of love", his Birthday Party was unexpectedly succeeded!!!

Rayn has ever said to me that he really didn't have much time just to hang out with his friends. All I know, Rayn is such a workaholic-23 years old guy who deserves his fun quality time with his friends. As I believe, he feels that way too. So much pressures on his head to carry, and never been gotten into some-serious and extravagant fun-times!

I realized that I was his only friend to talk to, and he spent his time for me too much. That was not pathetically said, 'cause I know Rayn has so many friends but the only person he could meet is me (you know that me and him has business to run together).

So yesterday, I finally gathered them in one place, in his favorite place to spend the night doing his work, and his favorite friends that he'd like to meet and talk. I was so obviously and tremendously happy to see him smile, as you know that he extremely had no time to share the laughter like that.

Rayn and his friends.

Two days before his Birthday my best friend Jul took me to places that I needed to visit: Cake factory, Kopi Progo, Angkasa Putra printing center, and Celebrate gift Shop. I hated to be so busy but in my head, I'd love to see him happy, whatever it takes! Then, at that two days I finally did some lie to Rayn. It wasn't easy to do but you know I had to.

My hero at that time. Thank you, bro!

After tested two kinds of cakes in Mr. Komot, me and Jul decided to give Rayn multi-layered chocolate cake (sorry I forgot the name) instead of Mango Cheese Cake. I do love the Mango Cheese Cake but I couldn't force Rayn to like the cheese cake like I do ('cause he don't really like cheese).

He loved the cake but obviously hated the flash. Hahaha..

At the same day I had to go to Kopi Progo (to make a reservation of 10 persons). I am very very thankful to all the servers in Kopi Progo, because we often spend times in there (to get coffee while we are working), so we finally knew the servers' names and sometimes got little conversation. They helped me a lot to make this birthday surprise party! 

Lastly, I want to thank all of Rayn's friends (and also mine), who attended the venue: Fusuy, Refan, Benja, Galih, Gian, and Jung. I want to thanks to Reni Indria who always be there when I needed, and of course Jul for taking me here and there and anywhere to get this thing done. Finally folks, it's wonderfully succeeded!

Ah! I almost forgot about the present...
With all my heart, I gave him present that I'd like him to remember, forever. (please just do skip if I'm writing more nasty words). But eh, I really meant it. With minimum budget, what could I give to him, to make him feel so alive, to make him so special (for himself), to make him seriously take advantages of his valuable time and dreams? I gave him the about-twenty thousand rupiah-present.



it contained: 70% of his dreams and 30% of my thoughts. :P

But, in that manner, I want him to see my thoughts through it. I want to see him smile when read it. I want him to see his dream inside it. I just want to be his dream's interpreter, and finally, make him cry.

And once again, I succeeded. :D

Please, please be wise about this writing. I never meant to show off about this Birthday surprise, but you know, people in love has their own way to describe what's on their head, aren't they?

For me, Rayn is just beautifully precious and I could never break his heart. (don't LOL me 'cause I'm freaking serious!)

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