Saturday, April 14

Ngebet Kawin!

wouldn't it be sweet, having your hand in mine and we walk along the aisle to the brand new life that we long expect together?

I cannot stand to post this. Real damn hard to hide that I really want to get him (officially) beside me, and we live below the same roof. I am 23 years old and unexpectedly, now I am thinking about getting married.


Marriage, by the way, was kinda joke for me. I thought that it was something that we're going to get, but that is all. Now here comes someone that I never expect him to be (at least) my boyfriend. He was someone that I didn't adore. 

Marriage, basically, comes up as the prove of "I am ready to live forever with you."

wouldn't it be so sweet, having us sit down together in the white satin-covered table, engaging ourselves with an only promise that'll last forever?

wouldn't it be so sweet having us walking down the aisle, holding hand together, into brand new life?

wouldn't it be so sweet, watching you wearing the wedding ring to my finger? and I'll do the same. and I'll kiss your hand. and you'll kiss my forehead. :)

Soon, we'll do it soon!


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