Monday, October 24

Wanna See A Living Dead?


No. That's inappropriate sounding for a living dead.

Hello, readers ~ or someone who just trapped in here. Here I go again, as usual, going mad, acting suck. Anyway, I had a private conference with my two besties (@reniindria & @caisyaah) tonight, sorry I mean in these three nights. We had the same theme every night: obscurity. -__-"

Tonight I turned my webcam and had webcam chat with Enoy. xD

I'd like to show you how mess myself. Regarding to how scary I am, so I won't post all of it. T____T

See? How I looked like Hulk in the camera. :|
I blamed my laptop and lighting for sure. :|

Anyway, it was night. But we wore sunglasses. I told ya before, right? We're so fucking crazy. Hehehe :|

And, I took my pics too. These pics are not much different from the first, but okay... I'll show you.

I ... wanna .... cry.
how can be this face is actually mine?
I want Sherina Munaf's!!


lala ulala lalala ulala~

ENOUGHHHHH.. I had too many fans around the world and now I think I make them so fucking much frustated. I am sorry, I am just human. Lady Gaga without make up is waaaaay UGLIER than me. :">

Ciao! May Universe bless your humble heart beybeh~ *kiss attack*


October 24, 2011. 11:41 PM. Sabrina: So Sick. Without Coffee and Cigar.

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