Friday, October 21

Room Bitter Room

Sometimes, having quality times with yourself is necessarily needed for your own good. In that time, you may explore yourself, being such inventor of anything. For me, doing something in my room is such a pleasure. 

I always make 1/4 of my day to be spend in my private room. I said private because all of my stuffs, I put in there. Psychologically, spending much time in my room is a boredom because I love doing outdoor activities. I love going to many places, talking to many people, spending one to two cups of coffee at the coffeeshop, or exchanging ideas with friends (actually, that's what I do in Bandung).

Then, in Sukabumi, what am I doing in my room?


My room has pink-colored wall and pink-colored with flower prints curtain. Messy stuffs here and there make this room quite crowded. I always throw everything, make that 'everything' displaced. Haha -__-"
Then, what is most frequent activity I always do is interacting with internet via my computer or netbook. You can see how antisocial I am.

Thank God it's Blurry!

Broken television in my room was not really troubled me because I don't really like watching television. But if we talked about DVD, then you'll see a stack of (pirated) DVD collection. Hahaha.. But unfortunately I'm not going to capture those DVD for my own protection. :D

And... This is my room. I lived this room since I was little kid, and my parents change its formation for couple times. Since they replaced my little bed with a large king-size bed, the room seemed smaller than before. But I love my present bed because I can freely rolling and tumbling over the bed (yeah that's my hobby when sleeping).

My very BIG bed. *jump jump*

About half year later, my parents inserted the closet into the room. Maybe they had seen how their eldest daughter had a problem with messy clothes, so they thought that bigger closet was an answer. But then realized, the problem was not the closet, it's their daughters. xD

It was all black... but I don't want to be called as 'emo girl', so I started to love colors.
Hahaha -____-"

Few days ago I had moved from Bandung. There're still too many travel bags on the carpet, so again, I won't capture it. Hmmmm.. the most interesting of my stuffs is my makeup collection. Unfortunately, my makeup stuff is still packed on a travel bag and I don't want to uncover it (it can make my room messier). However, these are my compulsory makeup stuff, and I always put them right close to the mirror. :)

Some of my makeup collection. I should not call it 'collection' but 'heap of garbage'.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Finally! Here is the owner of this messy room (caution: endangered species, may bite you hard)

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