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Why You May Lose Friends On Your Road To Success

Success is a decision that is tough to make because it’s not easy in any sense of the word. The main reason for this is you have to let go the people from your past with whom you may have strong relationships. Here are some reasons you need to let a few friends go.

(1). If Your Friends See Successful is Only the Sake of Money...

Just because you choose success doesn’t mean your friends will. In general, people have a natural tendency to not want to be left behind whether they realize it or not. Some close friends will make you feel bad for making too much. Many of them will suddenly expect you to pay for everything just because you are making more than them. I know this because I used to be one of those people and now I know what I was doing.

(2). If Your Friends Can't Shake Their First Impression on You...

They see you for who you were and not who you are becoming. A few close friends will see you for the bumbling, unsuccessful person that you used to be. In many ways, I can’t blame them. It is really hard to shake first impressions. The only friends you want to keep are the ones who support you along the way and realize the new man or woman in their life.

(3) If You Have to Leave Your Old Have-Fun-Go-Mad Habit...

Once you are successful, you will have conflicting values. A big lifestyle change has to occur to become successful whether you like that fact or not. For instance, you may wake up every day at 6am to start the day off strong but how are you going to do that if your party friend is always encouraging you to stay out till 2am? It is very hard my friend. Is it Possible? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it. You may begin to improve your character, which is necessary for success, and so you will be disturbed by lack of it in your friends who aren’t successful. Be careful who you allow to influence your life and strength of character.

(4) If Your Income is Equal to the Sum of Your 5 Closest Friends...

Your income will equal the sum of your 5 closest friends. Don't believe me? Think about it for a second. I remember hearing this and realizing the truth of it for the first time. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to give up your friends because they don't make more than you. But it is something you have to be aware of: if you choose the wrong friends, you may choose your financial fate.

(5) If You Have that Pack of Friends Who See You as a Walking Billfold...

A few friends may start asking you for favors all of the sudden.
"Can you lend me money, I need rent."
"CAn you help me pay some debt off?"
"I need to pay for books for school, can you help out?"
Be careful with subtle hints like "Ahh man my rent is due in two days". I encourage you to help your friends but you and I both know the difference between helping a friend and being the go-to person to provide support.

(6) The Kind of 'Lose' That is Not a Loss at All.

When you start becoming successful, you may hide who you are so your friends won't feel bad. Let me tell you that this is no way to live. If you don't have friends who you can't be yourself around, then you have to find a better group of friends. However, if they accept the new success and there is no ill will at all, by all means, keep them in your life.

(7) Only Listen to People Who Support Your Dreams.

The main factor in being successful is ATTITUDE. You probably have friends who don’t support your dreams and have no qualms about telling you. Tell me this. How are you going to fully and I mean fully commit to your dreams if you have people telling you that you can’t accomplish them. It would be hard to do so. A positive attitude is nowhere near as contagious as a negative and that’s why you have to be very careful with the things you allow into your mind.

** NOTE:
Actually it's not my writing. I copied and made some change in order to fit in my situation. Well maybe there's a bunch of other explanations why do I live in such solitary shell.

I don't always trust people who I barely know, or people who always talk other people with me, freely. I know in some other time they will do the same with others. Backstabbing. I am anti bullish!t and sort of thing. I know I live in that kinda world but I don't blend. I hate to blend, honestly.

No, I am not an antisocial or something I do like hanging out with some folks (usually my boyfriend's friends), laughing out loud, talking nonsense. I like to gather in a bonfire, listening to people's stories, too. But that's all that. You know, people like me prefers to do something -- or maybe just doing nothing rather than spreading bullish!ts, talking ONLY when we have to. I know I'm not the only one. But… 

I don't have such passion in community, because I know there'll be so many levels I have to achieve or you'll never be recognized at all. It's all about surviving, I think. There will always be so-called seniors, juniors, newbies, rookies, et cetera, et cetera, and I am not so into that kinda thing.

But you may ask me, do I like challenges? Yes I do. In my own way. I seek challenges in every possible way just to keep myself 'sharp'.

You see. I post something here only when I have time (in spare of my working time that is 24/7, every single day, in a month) and I admit that now is not really the time.

You know, I don't really have 'that' friends or any other kinda friends left in my last days of 25 years old. Now I am blogging because I feel so lonely. I am, I was. Nothing's gonna change that.

Until I found this writing outta nowhere and I just felt. Holy fvck this is so me.

Thank you, Frankers. You're right. In your road of success, you don't need people who burden you with guilts.

See the original of the 7 points of "Why You May Lose Friends On Your Road to Success" HERE.

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