Tuesday, July 30

The Greatest Teacher of All

Well, there is.

Have you ever heard an English proverb about life that says, "Experience is a great teacher."? Well, that somehow happens to all of us. Like we're sailing all over the world and we see this and that, amazing scenic surroundings, bad places (bad when our eyes see it bad), and everything. Life is just a matter anyway. But we all do have 'life' in common. We experience things and we learn. We may cry but we learn.

And sometimes, lesson doesn't come with happiness -- I mean pretty most of it. When we all thank God for happiness He gives, we forget somehow -- in other way -- we get into some state of sadness (no matter how hard we try not to).

I always feel sad, not because I am a person who easily sad, but things like that seems worth it to me because of my human nature.

Well in that sadness, a lot of things I realized, turn into a lesson. And all this time, that kind of self-therapy was succeeded. Or possibly, one day, recur. Who knows?

From sadness we learn to know ourselves. To try better; not because we wanted like hell to be accepted by others but as therapy for ourselves to evoke our self-esteem.

Do you believe that?
I do.

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