Sunday, December 25

A Little Surprise from My Girls!

I was too busy with my new job in Jakarta. Therefore I forgot how to ask about how my bestfriends' life in Bandung, and what they are up to. As a (used to be) good friend, I know I've dragged too far from the circle of friendship. So, before I continue my post, I'd like to say sorry to my both bestfriend: Enoy and Icut.

One day, Enoy and Icut gave me a little surprise through Twitter. They sent me a picture when they were holding Gogirl! Magazine. It's just so touching and I want to hug them both right now. Huhuhu..

I miss them, of course. It's undeniable. Because we are #Arians, we already knew what's on our minds and knew what to do. And I thank them for being so patient waited for me to reach them once again.

Thank God I have 10 days off onwards. I am planning to visit them in Bandung and spending a little time of me with them. I can't hardly wait!

Thank you, ladies! x.o.x.o

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