Saturday, November 27

The Temper Trap: Another "Shock" From Indonesia!

Well, this is the first time I discuss out about a band, which successfully had spurred me to write it out in my blog. And here it goes, the Temper Trap. Have you ever heard that band?

The Temper trap is an alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They are equally enrolled at Wesley College, until finally united in a band. They carry Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and also Post-Punk Revival in their music. Although it is such a new type of music in my ears, but I feel really enjoyed it. And yes, they made me feel in love with the Lead vocal's falsetto voice Dougy Mandagi, and also because of they added some "unusual" effects (they use organ and handclaps streamlined in their first album).

"Conditions" (2009) is their first major-labeled album, signed to Liberation Music in Australia, Infectious in UK and Glassnote Records in U.S. This album contains 10 songs (Original album) and you can get 2 bonus tracks from iTunes (international album).

yeah! First song I listened is "Sweet Disposition", and I remembered something: I always heard this song at a soccer game. LOL

From the first time I heard their song on youtube, I realized that their frontman is an asian. After I investigate further, he is totally Indonesian! Say hello to Dougy Mandagi, a boy from Manado, Indonesia. He was born in Indonesia and had lived in Hawaii, then finally stay in Australia, until now.

To complete your curiosity about them, please check their official website at: or their myspace page:

And here is their video for Sweet Disposition:

After all, regardless of the fact that their frontman is Indonesian, I salute to them because they could get so many awards in Australia and the U.S, in a relative short time (2009-2010). And world, The Temper Trap music is ON! :)



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